Asia Major by Steven Meisel for Vogue US December 2010

Joanna Elizabeth


Published November 19, 2010

Steven Meisel shoots a group of Asian top models for the December issue of Vogue US. Styled by Grace Coddington, the girls including Bonnie Chen, Du Juan, Hyoni Kang, Lee Hyun Yi, Lily Zhi, Liu Wen, So Young Kang and Tao Okamoto sport a juxtaposition of punk and elegant glamour.

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23 thoughts on “Asia Major by Steven Meisel for Vogue US December 2010”

    • Actually looking at this again, I realized it was US Vogue. So I guess by “traditional” they mean “WASP”? Just in time for the Mayflower celebrations, otherwise known as “Thanksgiving”.

  1. Love the idea but why those hairstyles? Asian = warrior like? Wish they had veered more towards an old world Shanghai style editorial with that glamourous backdrop and really let the beauty of those models shine through.

  2. In regards to the above comments, typically Asian models aren’t used that much in the US, and surprisingly the same is true in Japan. Usually, they pick waifish european or more american looking girls for their advertising. Just google vogue nippon and look at the number of cover girls who are actually Japanese : / Can’t speak for China and Korea, but having more Asian models is a relatively new thing and completely awesome. They’re so beautiful!

    I love the punk rock/let them eat cake vibe. Can only picture them breaking character and smashing teacups/throwing tarts in the next picture.

  3. Still think it’s a really dumb subhead. “traditional” concepts of beauty? Where? Even in the US, there are so many races and ethnicities that there isn’t one prevalent concept of beauty. Sure you have your Hollywood blonde bimbo actresses on the cover of Allure or InStyle, but they’re not everyone’s concept of beauty.

    I’m sure they didn’t mean it this way, just to me it reads as “oh, Asian women are soo hot right now they’re even considered beautiful!”

    • I believe they mean redefining the criterion of beauty that it takes to be booked in the world of high fashion modeling, a move against tradition. I don’t know much about this, but have many Asian women walked Milan, Paris, New York, and London before only recently?

    • There may be many different cultures and nationalities in the US, but there is a prevalent concept of beauty. Look at the editorials represented on this website and in every damn magazine. Most of the girls you see modeling are white and so definitely non-representative of how most people think of beauty.
      I’m definitely embracing the move towards using more diverse models in editorials and hope to see so much more in the future. There are so many gorgeous faces that aren’t being used simply because “white” is the norm.
      Honestly, we are a mixture of human beings and should all be together!

  4. well there actually IS a difference between the Asian and Western way of perceving beauty. And saying “Asian” i mostly mean Chinese, as I’ve been studying their language and culture for a couple years now. The traditional Chinese concepts of beauty were round faces, small lips, a white complexion, tiny feet opposed to Westerners’ love for full, lustfull lips, oval faces, tall postures and big eyes. Of course there have been moments in history when those concepts changed, but speaking very generally that is the way beauty was perceived through the ages. And so I don’t think the subhead is so absolutely lame after all :)) It’s the redefining not of Western but also of Eastern concepts of beauty.


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