All You Need to Know About Tassel Loafers

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A tassel loafer may be the most talked-about shoe in the world, second only to the cowboy boot. No one ever buys a pair of tassel loafers as their first or second pair of shoes. Conversely, this is the kind of shoe that serves a particular purpose.

It’s the finishing touch to any outfit. The urge to buy shoes is a universal feeling that affects almost everyone. In fact, tassel loafers can be found in the collection of nearly every famous shoe brand. It’s an exclusive category that includes those who own a pair of tassel loafers.

The History of Tassel Loafers

The tassel loafer is a pretty new variation of a shoe style often associated with retirees. Some people living now were born into a world where tassel loafers didn’t even exist in their modern form. According to the story, in 1948, the actor Paul Lukas became fascinated with a pair of European Oxfords, complete with tassels at the bottom of the laces. Even though he liked it, he desired a modification to develop an original concept. The request to create a new design came to the Alden Shoe Company after the customer had tried many other brands without success.

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The people of Massachusetts decided that switching the shoe’s base from an Oxfordshire to a dime loafer was the best method to improve the original design. One that has just started trending extensively about ten years ago. In the beginning, the tassel loafer was sold just as a kind of casual footwear. But the current style started when college students who wore them to work started wearing them to their jobs in banks in New York City.

It’s unlikely that Alden was the first shoemaker to ever put tassels on a pair of shoes that didn’t need laces, but they probably invented a few essential innovations. Two of these features are the nonfunctional loop around the leather strap and the more significant toe than is typical of penny loafers. Almost all major shoe companies now model their tassel loafers after Alden’s original style.

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Tassel Loafers Are Not Just a Man-Thing Anymore

Those comfy loafers are a must-have for everyone, not just men. They’ve got the right combination of class, elegance, and cutting-edge fashion to make a statement. Although they’re just classic loafers with some pretty laces dangling down the front, women love tassel loafers because their striking design makes their casual look completely different. 

Women may dress up a pair of tassel loafers as much as they like or dress them down for a more minimal look. They may also wear the tassel loafers to the workplace or out and about. Loafer shoes are a popular choice for both men and women, yet each gender has its distinct taste. There is a broad palette of colors for women, including the newest patterned tassel loafers and exquisite pastels.

The Bottom Line

These days, tassel loafers are creating a buzz worldwide. If you consider getting a pair of tassel loafers, it’s your chance to look more fashionable than ever.

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