6 Expert Tips for Taking Care of Your Sneakers

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You can tell a lot about someone’s personality by looking at the shoes they’re wearing – especially if it’s a pair of fresh sneakers caught on websites like KicksCrew or Farfetch. However, when you spend several hundred dollars on a pair of shoes, you expect them to stay with you for long. Although your sneakers can be of high quality, you still need to take care of them properly.

If you are a novice sneaker enthusiast, this article is for you! Below, you will find six expert tips to caring for your sneakers, ranging from avoiding washing machines, paying attention to laces, and protecting suede to brushing them properly, choosing the right shoe cleaners, and fighting foot funk, among other things. Let’s start!

Avoid Washing Machines

One of the biggest mistakes that many sneaker enthusiasts commit is throwing their shoes in a washing machine. You should keep in mind that most types of shoes are made of materials that do not respond well to washing machines. For instance, leather shoes tend to shrink or stretch in washing machines, while suede shoes can be irreparably damaged by them.

The best way to care for your sneakers is to hand wash them. This is also an excellent way to get rid of foot funk and other nasty smells from your sneakers. It’s also important to note that you should use cool water, mild detergents, and soft clothes when cleaning your shoes.

Pay Attention to Laces

Since laces are the only things that keep your sneakers on your feet, it’s essential to pay attention to them. After all, if the laces on your sneakers are worn out, it’s likely that you will have some problems with them slipping off or breaking when you are running or playing sports.

It is recommended to replace the laces every six months, as they can break easily with regular wear. Make sure to replace laces as soon as you notice any signs of wearing out. 

Another thing you can do is replace the lace tips because they can also get worn out quickly. You can replace them with lace tips made of leather or silicone – they are more durable and will last much longer. You just have to pull out the old ones and attach new ones.

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Protect Your Suede Shoes

Most sneaker enthusiasts agree that suede shoes are one of the most charming types of sneakers, but they need a lot of attention and proper care. If you own suede shoes, it’s essential to know that you should never clean them with a dry brush because this can cause damage to the suede material. 

However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t brush them at all. The best way is to use a brush with soft bristles and clean them with a damp cloth. This way, you will protect the suede material and keep them looking good for a long time. If you want even more protection, you can add shoe protector spray before brushing, which will ensure that you do not cause any additional damage to the material.

Choose the Right Cleaner

When it comes to selecting the right cleaner for your sneakers, there are many options available on the market today. For instance, if you need a cleaner that works well on both leather and suede shoes, you can find various all-purpose cleaner and conditioner kits. On the other hand, you can opt for different cleaners for leather and suede shoes.

Usually, manufacturers offer such cleaning kits for their sneaker models, so getting one would be the most convenient decision. Often they also include a pair of cleaning cloths and protective spray. Still, it’s highly recommended to read some product reviews before buying any shoe cleaner, especially for your suede sneakers, as they need additional protection.

You can use several types of shoe cleaners to take care of your sneakers, such as sprays, wipes, or liquid cleaners. However, when it comes to the best way to clean your shoes, spray cleaners are generally considered to be the best option. This is because they don’t leave stains behind, and they are effortless to use.

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Brush Them Properly

Brushing is one of the most important things that you should do to take care of your sneakers. It not only helps remove dirt and dust but also keeps your shoes looking fresh and neat. To brush your sneakers properly, you should follow these simple steps:

  1. Take off your sneakers and put them on a shelf or a table where you will be able to clean them conveniently.
  2. Take a dry brush and start brushing your sneakers in circular motions.
  3. Next, brush them from the bottom up.
  4. Finally, wipe them with a damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt particles that may remain on the surface of your shoes.
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Fight Foot Funk

Foot funk is a common problem that many people struggle with. If you have ever tried putting on your favorite pair of sneakers in the summer, you probably know how unpleasant the foot odor is. So, here are some tips that will help you fight foot funk:

  • Try avoiding wearing your shoes without socks as much as possible.
  • Make sure to take the insoles out regularly to let them dry and air out. You can also treat them with a sneaker spay or a deodorizer for better results.
  • Store your shoes away in places where there is good air.
  • If you have sweaty feet, you may want to consider acquiring moisture-wicking socks.
  • Second, make sure that you are using deodorant spray or some other deodorant product on your feet every morning;
  • Invest in some foot deodorizers or sneaker sprays that provide hydrophobic shields and have their natural anti-microbial properties. You can choose from spray deodorizers, deodorant wipes, sticks, or gels.

The Takeaway

As you can see, taking care of your sneakers isn’t as hard as it might seem. However, it’s important to note that many things can affect the way your sneakers look and smell, such as how often you use them, where you store them, and which products you use. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to create a routine and remain consistent with it for the best results.

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