5 Timeless Women’s Watches for Christmas Gifts

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It’s about that time…

With Christmas fast approaching and the holidays on their way, it is time to think about Christmas gifts for your sister, grandmother, mother, wife, girlfriend, and all other important women in your life. With that in mind, there are countless options to choose from when selecting a personal yet timeless gift. Women’s watches are always perfect and timeless gifts because, just like shoes and bags, these are accessories and investments that will constantly improve your outfit, whether you are in a full cocktail gown or jeans and sneakers.  

However, with so many timepiece options out there, it is crucial to buy the perfect model that will put a smile on the person you are gifting it to. Not only will they carry it every day, but it will also be a beautiful reminder of your thoughtfulness, and there is no better time than the Christmas season to make such a gift. Here are five timeless women’s watches for Christmas gifts.

cartier tank must watch
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5 Timeless Women’s Watches

1. Cartier Tank Must Small Stainless-Steel Quartz Watch

This steel Cartier watch model has proven to be a timeless classic since the brand first sold it in 1977. This unisex watch not only goes with everything but is also an elegant addition to your outfit wherever you go. Whether you prefer gold, silver, or leather straps, there are more than enough options to browse through depending on your preferences.

As a classic Cartier model, it also oozes innovation, sophistication, and practicality. This watch will be a great Christmas gift, not only as a valuable iconic accessory but also as a water-resistant and practical watch the person you are gifting it to can wear every day.

vivienne westwood orb heart black
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2. Vivienne Westwood VV006 Orb Heart Stainless-Steel And Leather Quartz Watch

This simple, affordable yet stylish, state-of-the-art model is a classic Vivienne Westwood signature watch. The VV006 Orb Heart stainless-steel and leather quartz watch comes in many different colors and is guaranteed to give you an additional air of sophistication.

The model is exceptionally unique thanks to its signature Vivienne Westwood iconic motif hanging by a chain from the gold-toned case. The strap of this timeless model perfectly complements the beautiful design, making it a perfect women’s watch to consider for a Christmas gift.

3. Tayroc Launton Gold

This affordable and hugely popular model is a best-selling success in the watch industry. Because of its simple elegance and fine crafting, the Tayroc Launton Gold watch is a perfect gift for your mother, sister, wife, or any other woman in your life.

Its sapphire-coated lens and 31mm stainless steel case make it a unique watch to wear in your everyday life. It is also a water-resistant model that allows you to go as deep as 50 meters when wearing it, making it a practical watch you never need to take off.

hermes medor watch
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4. Hermes Médor 23MM Stainless Steel & Leather Strap Watch

This timeless yet innovatively styled bracelet and watch is a unique model you should consider getting as a gift. Not only is the Médor 23MM Stainless Steel & Leather Strap Watch made by one of the most respected fashion brands in the world, but it is also an original and iconic accessory.

What makes it especially special is the option to choose between many different colors for the leather part of the bracelet as well as different steel colors, such as yellow gold, silver, or pink gold. As a signature Hermes piece, it includes everything the brand stands for; authenticity, quality, and savoir-faire, making it a perfect Christmas gift.

ferragamo square ingot watch
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5. Salvatore Ferragamo: Ferragamo Square Ingot Watch

This luxurious model is an attractive gift for many reasons. Although Salvatore Ferragamo is considered a top luxury fashion brand globally, the watch prices are still relatively affordable, considering the flawless luxurious reputation of the brand. The Ferragamo Square Ingot watch is an innovative yet classic model.

It is water resistant at up to 30 meters, and its glass is made of sapphire crystal with anti-reflection and scratch resistance. The stainless-steel case also makes this wrap-around watch a practical accessory you can wear all the time without any worries of breaking or damaging it. This is definitely a strong, timeless women’s watch option to consider as a Christmas gift.

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