march 2010

liulast Model of the Month | Last Moments With Liu Wen

Sadly, as we usher in the month of April, it means that our Model of the Month series must come to an end. It has been a fun and exciting experience with Liu Wen as our March model, and the series will be taking a brief hiatus in order for us to focus on a new feature and regular postings. These last moments with Liu Wen are a fitting end to a wonderful Model of the Month.

Last song you listened to…
Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

Last person you hugged…
My parents on January 2010, when I left home and my parents walked me out.

denisa dvorakova Denisa Dvorakova by Laura Sciacovelli | <em>Marie Claire Italia</em> March 2010

Despite spending a day underneath the scorching desert sun, Denisa Dvorakova manages to keep her cool in lightweight looks styled by Ivana Spernicelli for the March issue of Marie Claire Italia. Wearing a dusty color palette consisting of pieces from Chloé, Roberto Cavalli and Missoni, Denisa is queen of the desert in Laura Sciacovelli‘s Planet Earth.