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dion lee fall winter 2014 new york fashion week1 Dion Lee Fall/Winter 2014 | New York Fashion Week

Dion Lee Fall 2014–Yesterday, Australian designer Dion Lee presented his second collection on the New York Fashion Week schedule for fall-winter 2014. The runway explored Lee’s roots with an outing based on Australia’s history featuring menswear inspired looks influenced by convicts’ uniforms (modern-day Australia was established as a penal colony in the 1700s). Boxy silhouettes gave way to the country’s beaches with surfer inspired body-conscious tops and dresses in a graphic mix of grey, white and black. Lee also explored Australia’s colorful wildlife with the inclusion of crocodile and snake-skin fabrics or motifs.

dion lee fall winter 2014 12 Dion Lee Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

Dion Lee Fall – Australian designer Dion Lee has titled his new fall-winter 2014 collection, “Four Seasons”. The concept is rooted in the idea of seasons combining for a trans seasonal outing of sleek fashion. For fall, the Dion Lee woman wears sleek designs with the harsh contrast of bonded wool and patent leather juxtaposed against sheer silk georgette. Colors also focus on a trans seasonal look with a palette that ranges from the lightest of ivory to the brightest of blue and then the deepest of black.

dion lee commerce2 Dion Lee Launches E Commerce and Retail Store

Image from Dion Lee online campaign

Lee’s New Stores – Australian designer Dion Lee is set to launch multiple retail channels; first Lee has opened an online store featuring his resort and spring collections. And then a stand alone physical location will open at Sydney’s Strand Arcade by December of this year. “I am extremely excited to communicate the product through our own channels. It has been a dream to create an environment which elevates the collections and I have loved developing a physical space and a digital platform in parallel,” says the designer about the move.

DION LEE RESORT 14 11 Dion Lee Resort 2014 Collection

Dion Lee Resort – Australian designer Dion Lee has dubbed his resort 2014 collection, “Oil + Water”. With a title like that, you are sure to see an outing of contrasts. Hard and soft as well as light and dark elements work together for a contemporary collection focused on structure. “Water” can be found in aquatic themed pieces ranging from straight-forward swimwear to the more abstract with wave-shaped patterns and disc shaped embellishments. The “Oil” of resort is translated in black, leather bonded neoprene and satin looks ranging from sculpted dresses to slim-fit trousers.

DLEE IWP BOOK LR 04 Dion Lees Sculpted Outing for International Woolmark Competition
The Shape of Wool – Designer Dion Lee was named as the Australian winner of the International Woolmark Competition. Here is a look at the 2013 collection featuring an array of sculpted shapes. Model Cassi Van Den Dungen wears Lee’s sleek silhouettes which were inspired by the work of Danish architect Jorn Utzon. Stephan Ward photographed the lookbook which juxtapose imagery of buildings with Lee’s wool-based designs in grey, black and white hues. / Art direction by Kate Rogers