On A Cloudy Day You Can See Forever

You would think that having a model with braces would ruin this set, but it just makes it that much more intriguing. Speaking of the model, can someone give me an ID on her?

It’s a Madcap World by Steven Meisel

Vogue US is surprising me with their February 2009 issue. First, Gossip Girl‘s Blake Lively is on the cover and now this. I am see some new faces in their fashion spreads, which I guess…

Having Fun, Wish You Were Here

This model reminds me so much of Susan Eldridge, it’s insane. The “pom pom” inspired headband is pretty cute too.

Alexander Wang Spring 2009

Alexander Wang’s Spring 2009 lookbook is total rock and roll.

Hello Sunshine

Stacey Mark’s Pretty Baby editorial is the perfect combo of sexy and sweet. I love how these pictures look as if they could have been taken in someone’s backyard. It has a relaxed feel to…

Prada Spring/Summer 2009 by Steven Meisel

EDIT: The full campaign can be seen here.

Old School Hana

I remember this was one of the very first editorials I fell in love with. A few years later, I still think it’s pretty amazing. It’s cute without going overkill and is a well done…

Silja Magg

These two sets come from Icelandic photographer, Silja Magg. I can not find too much information on her, but if you take a look at her site you will find she has a wide-ranging portfolio.…

Anne V and Boyd Looking Pretty

Anne Vyalitsyna is one of my favorite all time models. Her recent print work has been amazing, and she has gone from doing commercial work (Sports Illustrated) to high fashion (Numéro). Boyd and her have…

Enjoying Herself

This A4 editorial was photographed by Winona Barton-Ballentine, whose work regularly appears in the magazine. The autumn setting with the combination fallen leaves and sunshine really make for some enchanting photos. I also think that…