Nina Pavlynyuk by Teresa Yeh in Lost in Elysium

Walking on a DreamTeresa Yeh photographs designer Simon Gao’s latest line in a ethereal story entitled, Lost in Elysium. Featuring model Nina Pavlynuk in the lightweight and dreamy creations, Yeh captures a story of fantastical beauty with the help of stylist Wei Qiao.

Additional Credits:
Makeup: Jay Lee
Hair: Li Yi Jie
Photo Assists: Meng Si Yu, Zhe Bo

 2011, Editorial

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21 Responses to “Nina Pavlynyuk by Teresa Yeh in Lost in Elysium”

  1. They should have left out that one close up of her face, in that she looks pretty bad/uncomfortable. However the rest of the pictures are deliciously ethereal and beautiful.

  2. anonymous Reply

    she did not want us to see her left boob. she always had her hand in front of it. this gave the shoot a weird vibe. a gorgeous shoot though.

  3. anonymous Reply

    the pictures are beautiful but it’s really weird to see a model who is not comfortable with her body and trying to cover her boobs all the time during the photo shoot.

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