Kaya Scodelario Dons Chanel for Crash Magazine by Jermaine Francis

Chanel Girl – British actress Kaya Scodelario dons Chanel’s resort 2013 collection for a recent feature in French publication, Crash. Captured by Jermaine Francis, Kaya sports wet tresses, luminous skin and a punk attitude in the Versailles collection styled by Kimi O’Neill.

4 Responses to “Kaya Scodelario Dons Chanel for Crash Magazine by Jermaine Francis”

  1. Ropearoundyourneck Reply

    wow second, “let’s dip the model in oil” editorial i have seen in the same day and I am still sad that they chose this drippy look to create a mood of sorts. I am distracted from the beauty that the designers created.

  2. I agree with the commenter above. I am so sick of the “wet haired” editorials. I don’t think it looks cool or fashionable, it’s just ugly and really ruins the entire shoot. And her sucking her thumb in the last photos is just really dumb looking, not sexy at all if that’s what they were going for. Don’t like the outfits or styling, pretty bad editorial right here.

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