Katie Fogarty Interview Part I | Fashion Gone Rogue Exclusive

Having a few seasons of experience under her belt with campaigns for the likes of Balenciaga and D&G, American model Katie Fogarty (Mother Model Management & Next) has proven to be much more than just another pretty face on the runway. When she is not dominating the catwalk, Katie is the all American teenager; splitting time between school, her family, friends and two golden retrievers. In the first part of our interview with Katie, she reflects on her personal style and her career thus far.

How do you feel about your experience as a model? Has it changed you somehow?
It’s funny actually, I was just browsing through my emails from a year ago and noticed how much I have changed. I have grown into an independent, powerful, confident, and traveled woman.

Where were you raised?
St. Louis, Missouri

And where do you live now?
I live in my suitcase, but spend most of my time in St. Louis and New York.

How were you discovered?
I was scouted by Jeff and Mary Clarke walking in the mall when I was 13.

How often do you travel?
Usually once a week, or maybe every other week if I need time for school.

Outside of modeling, what would you like to do?
That is the million dollar question. Who knows? Maybe own a restaurant and be a chef, maybe I’ll write a book, be a food critic, try acting, be a psychiatrist, be a model scout, or work on television. The bright side of this career is that it opens a infinity of opportunities once my time as a model is finished (which won’t be for a very long time I hope!).

What was your most memorable shoot?
Hmm let’s go waaaaay back to November 2008. My third shoot ever and it was for the Balenciaga campaign. Looking back it was so memorable because I had no idea the impact and kickstart that it would have on my career. I just remember being so happy to be their and talk to all the other girls. J’adore parler avec les filles!

Has modeling changed your view on fashion and what did you think about fashion before you became a model?
To be completely honest with you, I knew absolutely nothing about fashion when I first started. I was lucky enough to have great agents that bought me a huge bag of basics from H&M my first fashion week because all I had was a Catholic school uniform and some basketball shorts. Now I love style, not fashion so much. I’ve started to express myself through clothes and create my own personal style. In my free time I like to wear something a little 60s and innocent with something modern and leather or sheer. Also, I’ve learned the cuts and colors I look best in. I love little dresses.

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