H&M by Night Collection

hmnight5 H&M by Night Collection

By Night – Emma Maclaren is all smiles for H&M’s by Night Collection. Featuring a range of feminine dresses and delicate detailing, summer comes early with tropical prints, lightweight shapes and bright colors.

hmnight1 H&M by Night Collection
hmnight2 H&M by Night Collection
hmnight3 H&M by Night Collection
hmnight4 H&M by Night Collection
hmnight6 H&M by Night Collection
hmnight7 H&M by Night Collection
hmnight8 H&M by Night Collection
hmnight9 H&M by Night Collection
hmnight10 H&M by Night Collection
hmnight11 H&M by Night Collection
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  • Citogene

    this reminds me of EXPRESS…

    can’t see a single piece that I would buy…

    what’s wrong with H&M this days!


  • Veronicabcn1990

    so tacky haha

  • Ad

    The first piece is beautiful

  • Ad

    The first piece is beautiful

  • http://www.strictlyfoodie.com Sade Williams

    For H&M, which I usually love, these aren’t very good pieces. Especially the 3rd to last photo. Can we make the model look any wider?

  • http://sailorv.tumblr.com Catherine

    I don’t think I would spend money on a single one of these. this dress is okay, but nothing spectacular

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Plamena-Zahova/1380995304 Plamena Zahova

    I love this collection especially the long pink dress on top!



  • http://twitter.com/walkinwondrland Sheryl

    i love that pink dress with the big black bow!! so cute


  • A follower of fashion

    OMG i don’t care what anybody says, I LOVE the collection! Deffidently adore the first pink long dress! Oh, and the other pink dress! I’m also loving the combo of denim shorts and a silk top! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carline-Benois/1683446852 Carline Benois

    I love the animal print jumpsuit. 
    So daring and crazy, not everyone can pull off a look like that, but I’m positive I could.

  • Daisy Demontjoye

    if anyone can find a picture of a long silky dress, flowy and with different layers (peachy pink) please send me the picture! its in the summer 2011 collection! thanks!

  • Malia

    Hey, can anyone tell me if all these clothe are sill in H&M