Fresh Face | Caitlin Sloat by Matthew Priestley

Introducing Caitlin – New face Caitlin Sloat (Major Models) shows off her platinum blonde hair and androgynous looks in Matthew Priestley’s striking portraits.

9 Responses to “Fresh Face | Caitlin Sloat by Matthew Priestley”

  1. Wow, I thought Matthew Priestly before reading the text.  He’s developing quite a unique style.  It’s so dramatic, but with natural poses and emotion, so it doesn’t feel posed that much.

  2. I love the way how matthew priestley photographs and… how about putting Caitlin and Andrej Pejic in one editorial? couldn’t be bad

  3. really top photography, cheers to that. Some of the fresh faces seem to really be robbed when the photography is less than what is seen in the editorials section. Boom model I hope she racks and pockets big.

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