Edie Campbell by Tim Barber for Muse Fall 2011

Edie’s Day OutTim Barber captures Edie Campbell as she takes a trip throughout the city for the fall issue of Muse Magazine. Styled by Susan Winget in sixties inspired ensembles, Barber’s images evoke a candid sensibility as Edie moves from park bench to ferry.

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8 Responses to “Edie Campbell by Tim Barber for Muse Fall 2011”

  1. edie is such a 60’s beauty, reminds me of both edie sedgwick and twiggy for some reason. i would love to see her much more often in the nearest future

  2. daviddaviddavid Reply

    @ hivenn. why does there have to be a lot of portraits? you should look through Tim Barber’s work. He isn’t like most, (or really any) other fashion photographers in his approach to creating successful images. The environment plays a huge role in his fashion work. it’s just as important as the clothing itself. 

  3. She looks great here cause the looks really suit her but I find her very unidimensional…

  4. The setting is so good, but I don’t care too much for the model.  She’s pretty, but not especially interesting.

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