Chanel Cruise 2013 Collection

Chanel’s Punk Marie Antoinette – For Chanel’s cruise 2013 collection, designer Karl Lagerfeld offered a mash-up of eighteenth century French aristocracy and modern punk style. Models wore Easter egg dyed bobs and ruffled skirts in the show’s opulent setting of the Château de Versailles which featured three fountains, sixty-six models and sixteen tents. Despite the elaborate setting, the overall tone of the clothes were lighthearted with an outing of voluminous skirts, modified creepers and cotton-candy colored detailing. For accessories, Lagerfeld showcased fingerless gloves, oversize sun hats and embroidered bags for a royal twist to the youthful ensembles.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Most of this clothes are a hot mess, I love Karl really I do, but maybe it’s time he hang up his scissors if only for a while. can’t remeber I loved a collection from Chanel.

  2. There are some great looking, interesting pieces in there, but it’s really a crazy mess of a collection.  I have no idea what most of it has to do with resort/cruise wear, especially those big heavy (tweed?) skirts–not even urban resort wear.

  3. Swintersprinter Reply

    not one of his best.  they look like expensive versions of my high school choir director’s wardrobe from the ’90s in ohio

  4. I do enjoy the inspiration, as well as most of the short skirts and the two gowns at the end… but the heavy jackets and skirts? I thought this was a cruise show, not fall/winter.

  5. As much as it pains my conscience and my own sense of self worth, 

    I love those gold chunky im-in-third-grade-lisa-frank-holla sneakers.

  6. I “like” the last dress -as in, I don’t hate it- but other than that, this is probably some of the ugliest I have ever seen! Especially from Chanel! I mean, what were he thinking? And I’m not even going to pick on the different details, just say, that this is nothing like what Coco Chanel wanted to do.
    She wanted women to dress wearable and to be able to move in their clothes. Then Karl made a kindergarten class-Marie Antoinette-costume. Me oh my..


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