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Divine Power

Laksmi’s mesmerizing Dazed & Confused cover is backed by a strong edit.

Girl’s on Fire

Skye Stracke is quickly becoming a favorite of mine with her remarkable transformational skills. First, she’s an edgy diva in Numéro Tokyo and then she becomes a complete vixen in this Dazed & Confused spread…

In True Black

A gorgeous setting and beautiful clothes make for the perfect shoot, as proved by Glen Luchford’s “L’Art de Vivre”.

As Brother & Sister

Anna Selezneva plays the male version of herself in Vogue Paris‘s, “Comme Frère et Soeur”. It’s an interesting concept and Anna makes a convincing, albeit pretty boy.

Photo of the Day | Like a Doll

Natalia Vodianova for Vogue Italia May 2005.

Gisele in Vanity Fair

28-year-old model, Gisele Bündchen, seems to be everywhere lately. From the pages of Numéro to Harper’s Bazaar, she captures the attention of fashion lovers everywhere. Her recent Vanity Fair cover totes: Gisele, the most beautiful…

Keep It Simple

I admit it, I am a sucker for beauty shots like those found in Dansk‘s “Tallulah”. Who cares if they aren’t showing any actual clothes? It’s pretty to look at.

Wild Princess

“Wild Princess” may not be the most dramatic editorial. There is no elaborate setting or stand-out props, but the simplicity is countered with amazing styling, hair and makeup.

Couture Movement

Much of Magnus Unnar’s photography focuses on movement and outdoor settings. I think those aspects coincide well with the couture garments he shoots. It makes clothing seem more accessible and less like unattainable pieces of…

A Matching Mix

Imogen Morris Clarke has made a mark on the runway, and now we can look forward to seeing her in print. Sanchez & Mongiello lent their talents to Italian Vogue Pelle for this accessories ed.