Ajak Deng Dons Chanel Beauty for Marie Claire South Africa’s December Issue

Chanel PastelAjak Deng stars in a Chanel beauty story featured in the December edition of Marie Claire South Africa. Photographed by Marguerite Oelofse, Ajak wears looks from the label’s cruise collection styled by fashion director Sharon Becker. The Sudanese beauty is perfectly ladylike in Chanel cosmetics used by the brand’s international makeup artist Christine Lucignano. / Hair by Nino Allegro

13 Responses to “Ajak Deng Dons Chanel Beauty for Marie Claire South Africa’s December Issue”

      • can’t be racist against white people. racism is a system of oppression that whites are in charge of. you’re really ignorant.

        • Thats incorrect.Rascism is: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism
          directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that
          one’s own race is superior. Also this photoshoot is not rascist. 

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    • Unhappy Reader Reply

       Fashion Gone Rogue, a place where a little fashion debate is not legal.

  1. Loving the styling, but not liking the blank expression on the model’s face. Ajak Deng’s done better work!

  2. ilike2smize Reply

    I don’t get racist from this. What I get is plain ole’ ugly. The makeup and the really bad retouching on her face has detracted from from this girl’s great beauty. In certain shots, the wig literally looks like a cut and paste job. This shoot is an aesthetic nightmare. This Chanel collection doesn’t warrant a shoot (it really wasn’t that good) and the whole “let’s stick a black girl in a blond wig and frilly clothes because it’s working a contrast” thing is so lame.

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