Abbey Lee Kershaw for Versace for H&M Lookbook by Kacper Kasprzyk

Versace Goes H&M – After taking a look at the print campaign, we have the lookbook images of Versace’s capsule collection for H&M modeled by Abbey Lee Kershaw. In front of Kacper Kasprzyk’s lens, Abbey Lee plays the Versace woman of the new generation with remakes of some of the label’s greatest hits.

Update: more images added

9 Responses to “Abbey Lee Kershaw for Versace for H&M Lookbook by Kacper Kasprzyk”

  1. i bet shes such a offturn in real live. she looks great in pictures but i think shes pretty headless. 

    • MAGDArling Reply

       she’s really amazing live as well, i’ve seen her at John Rocha’s show during LFW, fabulous!<3

    • Don’t be such a bitch. You can’t tell anything about someone’s personality or intellect simply by looking at highly stylized fashion photos (or any photos for that matter).

    • I’ve watched videos of her and i think she’s got quite a personality. Oh please, just look at your comment before you talk about someone you don’t know being headless.

  2. I would wear only the boots and bag from 8th picture. I wouldn’t spend a pound for any other piece.

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