What’s the Best Way to Maintain Your Jewelry’s Condition?

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When you invest a lot of money in your jewelry, you want to ensure that it lasts for many years and still looks as good as the day you bought it. In order for this to happen, you have to look after your jewelry and treat it with care. Here are some tips on how you can maintain your jewelry and make sure that it looks as good as new.

Remove Jewelry Before Exercise

You may be tempted to keep your favorite jewelry on when you go to the gym or go out for a run. But, this is not something that is recommended. Chances are, you are going to be sweating when you are engaged in such activity. Moisture is something you want to avoid contacting the chains of bracelets and necklaces, as well as certain gemstones and pearls. Taking them off is going to prevent causing tarnishing or damage.

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Clean The Chains and Jewels

Ask yourself this question; how often do you clean your jewelry? You will find that a lot of people say they never do this. But, if you want to maintain your jewelry’s great condition, you have to make sure that you are cleaning them on a regular basis. After all, they are in contact with your skin that contains oils, as well as being close to lotions, perfumes, and other substances. You can use a DIY jewelry cleaner to make sure that they remain hygienic and shiny.

Do Not Wear to Bed

At the end of a long day, you just want to get into bed and rest. This can mean that people do not take off the jewelry that they wear every day. Instead, they sleep with it on. However, this is how damage can occur. You can move around in your sleep, and this can mean that it could get damaged. In addition, the more your jewelry is exposed to water, oils, and everyday liquids, the more likely it is to age quicker. If you are not taking it off at the end of the day, it will not be getting cleaned after all of this exposure. Therefore, always take jewelry off before bed if you want to make sure that it looks good for years to come.

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Store in Boxes

Are you guilty of throwing your jewelry down beside your bed at the end of the day or chucking it into a jewelry box with other pieces? If you want to take care of your jewelry, you need to make sure they are correctly stored. This can avoid causing scratches and unnecessary damage, as well as help chains from tangling together and getting knotted. It is best to keep every piece of jewelry in a separate box that is soft and lined. This can avoid damage and allow jewelry to look good. Plus, it is going to be ready to put on next time and avoid the annoying tangles that can happen.

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