Versace Puts On a Show for Holiday 2022 Campaign

November 9, 2022
Versace Holiday 2022 Campaign
Lily McMenamy stars in Versace Holiday 2022 campaign. Photo: Carlijn Jacobs

Versace gets glam with the release of its Holiday 2022 campaign images and film. Carlijn Jacobs is the photographer behind the photographs that feature the models Sora ChoiLily McMenamy, and Mila van Eeten, as well as the drag performer Gottmik. 

Versace Holiday 2022 Campaign

The advertisements take their cues from Gianni Versace’s Versace Teatro books, which were published in the 1980s and 1990s and demonstrate his passion for the theater. In one photograph, Lily is seen looking stunning in an orange gown with a high slit; in another, Mila is seen flaunting the Greca Goddess bag with red nails and lipstick to match. 

Versace Jewelry Holiday 2022 Campaign
Sora Choi shines in jewelry for Versace Holiday 2022 campaign. Photo: Carlijn Jacobs

Lily McMenamy is the star of the campaign, her first for the brand. Daughter of Kristen McMenamy, whose image was synonymous with Versace in the mid-1990s, Lily is the main protagonist of a dedicated campaign film in which she runs to the theatre in a billowing chiffon dress, encountering along the way a cast of beautiful (and at times bizarre) Versace-clad characters…

Gottmik Versace Holiday 2022 Campaign
Drag performer Gottmik fronts Versace Holiday 2022 campaign. Photo: Carlijn Jacobs

Jacob K provides the styling for the shoot. Finishing the cast’s looks, Anthony Turner and Soichi Inagaki are responsible for hair with makeup by Lucy Bridge. Casting duties are handled by Piergiorgio Del Moro, while Andrea Cellerino is in charge of set design. In beauty news, see Versace’s Dylan Purple fragrance advertisements.

Versace Holiday 2022 Campaign Bag
Mila van Eeten poses with the Versace Greca Goddess bag for the brand’s Holiday 2022 campaign. Carlijn Jacobs

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