Erykah Badu, Coco Gauff Set the Trends in Ray-Ban Meta Ads

Joanna Elizabeth


Published December 23, 2023

Erykah Badu Ray-Ban Meta 2023 Ad Campaign
Erykah Badu contemplates in comfort, her clear Ray-Ban Meta frames reflecting a blend of cozy introspection and innovative style. Photo: Ray-Ban

In an innovative move, Ray-Ban and Meta have joined forces to launch their second-generation smart glasses, the Ray-Ban | Meta. Enlisting the star power of musicians Erykah Badu, Coi Leray, and the rising tennis sensation Coco Gauff, the campaign is a vibrant showcase of personal style and cutting-edge technology.

Starting at a price point of $299, this collection brings a fresh perspective to smart eyewear. It captures the essence of the Ray-Ban brand and seamlessly integrates Meta’s technological prowess, allowing wearers to stay connected with the world in a hands-free, immersive manner.

Erykah Badu for Ray-Ban Meta 2023 Ad

Erykah Badu embodies creative expression, layering Ray-Ban Meta glasses for a look that's as unique and vibrant as her music.
Erykah Badu embodies creative expression, layering Ray-Ban Meta glasses for a look that’s as unique and vibrant as her music. Photo: Ray-Ban

The advertising campaign is a journey through these celebrities’ personal lives, each bringing their unique flair to the forefront. Erykah Badu, known for her eclectic and unique fashion sense, pairs the Ray-Ban | Meta glasses with a stunning multi-colored plaid jacket complemented by textured fabric, perfectly encapsulating her artistic spirit.

Coco Gauff for Ray-Ban Meta

Coco Gauff Ray-Ban Meta 2023 Ad Campaign
Coco Gauff gets casual in a tank top and baggy pants in Ray-Ban Meta’s blue-framed eyewear. Photo: Ray-Ban

On the other hand, Coco Gauff, a beacon of youth and athleticism, presents a more relaxed vibe. She’s seen in a casual tank top and baggy pants, surrounded by tennis balls, demonstrating the glasses’ versatility and appeal to a younger, sportier audience. From optical to sunglasses styles from the brand, Coco channels a cool vibe.

Coco Gauff radiates focus and style on the sidelines, decked out in Ray-Ban Meta's new sunglasses and sporty chic attire.
Coco Gauff radiates focus and style on the sidelines, decked out in Ray-Ban Meta’s new sunglasses and sporty chic attire. Photo: Ray-Ban

Coi Leray for Ray-Ban Meta

Coi Leray Ray-Ban Meta 2023 Ad Campaign
Coi Leray bursts onto the scene with Ray-Ban Meta’s sunglasses, infusing her edgy look with street art. Photo: Ray-Ban

Coi Leray adds another dimension to the campaign, blending casual chic with the cutting-edge functionality of the Ray-Ban | Meta smart glasses. Her trendy crop top and embellished denim ensemble, set against a backdrop of vibrant street art, speaks to a generation that values both style and substance.

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