New York Models’ New Faces Division by Matthew Priestley

Uber FreshNew York Models kicks off its recently launched “New Face” Division with a series of black and white portraits photographed by Matthew Priestley. Clad in denim and tees, fresh faces Claire, Nikole, Amira, Justine, Valeria, Rikke and Rebbekka burst on the scene with youthful energy.

New York Model Management – New Faces Division Launch from New York Model Management on Vimeo.

 2011, Fresh Face


8 Responses to “New York Models’ New Faces Division by Matthew Priestley”

  1. Nikole hands down is a winner for me, Claire needs a big coffee before her shoots. The last one  VALERIA reminds me of French actreses: the Seigner sisters.

  2. JUSTINE! She’s a friend of mine and she’s amazing! Her personality and her pictures as well. 

  3. Valeria is stunning I love her freckles! Are they doing the shows???

  4. Lots of great looks here!  I can see a couple potential stars in this bunch

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