• David

    OMG! This is Horrible, worse  of  picture Lara picture, i can’t even look after gorgeous Vogue Turkey cover. 

  • Brain

    Yes, Vogue Turkey was so amazing i cant believe this is the same lara.. I dont like it. :(

  • Casalinga

    I do not understand why many people think that she is gorgeous – she has never looked gorgeous.

  • Maria

    Everything wrong in this picture,  photographer f..k her up,  this picture she is Scary  witch VT was like a Angel.

  • Empathie_87

    Breathtaking! I love everything about this cover and im pretty sure that most Dutch people would agree! Pure, clean and simple=)

  • http://ampersand-design.blogspot.com Ampersand Design

    I think she looks fabulous. Lovely as the cover says. She looks natural.