Vogue US March 2012 Cover | Adele by Mert & Marcus

Vogue Siren – Adele covers the March edition of Vogue US displaying her signature tresses and a perfect cat eye. Photographed by Mert & Marcus, the English musician makes her first appearance on American Vogue after appearing on the British Version last year. (Daily Mail)

7 Responses to “Vogue US March 2012 Cover | Adele by Mert & Marcus”

  1. I assume the message here is, “take that, Karl.”  And I agree with it (but I often do agree with what Karl says with his clothes).

  2. I found it extremely against the moral standards of Adele — 
    “I don’t want to be some skinny mini with my tits out. I really don’t want to do it and I don’t want people confusing what it is that I’m about.”

  3. Whatever, her boobs look good, she looks good.  Photoshop is expected on Vogue covers, not surprised to see it here.

  4. Christ, someone’s gone to town on the liquify. It’s sad, I bet she’s pissed off. They’ve made her look 3 sizes smaller than she is.

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