Vogue US June 2011 Cover | Penelope Cruz by Mario Testino

12 Responses to “Vogue US June 2011 Cover | Penelope Cruz by Mario Testino”

  1. Lea Leie Reply

     it’s a great cover. however it doesn’t look like penelope… more like a cross between her and mischa barton in the o.c. days? 

  2.  * my bad, turned out penelope does have freckles, though i’ve never noticed it before. anyway, the woman on the cover looks nothing like penelope because of the heavy photoshopping, which i grew incredibly tired of.

  3. kate the great Reply

    Penelope is pretty and this is a beautiful cover, but I want models on the covers of magazines!!! Actors should act, singers should sing and models should model and they should get the covers and the editorials.

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