Vogue US January 2011 Cover | Natalie Portman by Peter Lindbergh

nataliecover <em>Vogue US</em> January 2011 Cover | Natalie Portman by Peter Lindbergh

Natalie Portman for Vogue US January 2011 by Peter Lindbergh (TFS)

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  • http://whycantmybestfriendbeme.blogspot.com/ Anita Siraki
  • http://citygrrl.tumblr.com maddie

    It is boring but she is so talented I don’t even care. I just saw Black Swan…oh my god. She better win best actress at the Oscars.

    • http://twitter.com/the_velvet_sun Irina

      that’s exactly what i thought. the cover might be boring, but who cares if it’s natalie )

    • anonymous

      Agreed 100%.

  • http://twitter.com/thechicaddict Jessica Stensrud

    Can’t wait to see Black Swan.


  • flo

    well, it certainly makes any Harper’s Bazaar (even if photographed by a creep) cover take the lead when you see what US Vogue comes up with nearly every month.

  • Jane

    is not boring, is perfection

  • Anonymous

    She’s so stunning but this cover is just dreadful, no?

  • kate

    her hand is so awkward.

  • http://twitter.com/theotherfashion Marco

    The dress is really cute, ut her face and the pose is akward!

  • Anonymous

    She looks BORED of out her mind. And so am I. Yet another FAILED cover for US Vogue. New Year didnt teach them anything.

  • Priya

    Natalie is gorgeous and the film is a psychological thriller, why make her look so placid and BORED, they could have put more depth/charactor into the photo. Why does Vogue US get such accolades and wows when it is stale and sooooo old fashioned. And not in the Mad Men way.

  • http://nudecency.tumblr.com New Decent

    The otherwise pointless elevation of Natalie Portman has coincided with, and will probably be remembered in association with, what is hopefully the nadir of Jewish American culture (the bloom of Jewish imperialism, the stench of the association with Dershowitz, etc).