Vlada Roslyakova by David Roemer for Marie Claire Spain September 2011

Black and WhiteVlada Roslyakova shows off a more mature side with David Roemer’s (Atelier Management) latest work in Marie Claire Spain September. Swathed in a wardrobe of all black and white pieced together by fashion editor Enrique Campos, Vlada dons a sheared haircut to complement sharp designs from the likes of Stella McCartney, Salvatore Ferragamo, Dolce & Gabbana and Prada.

12 Responses to “Vlada Roslyakova by David Roemer for Marie Claire Spain September 2011”

  1. I miss seeing Vlada, I love her look and she looks great in black & white.

  2. Beautiful! The styling and location is fabulous, and I think the pictures looks even better on paper.

  3. Yayyy Vlada! They may make you look way different, with that intense lipstick & artificial hair, but your inimitable profile, & long silky hands & limbs give you away every time. Such beautiful poses. Such unmistakeable Vlada gestures! You are a treasure.

  4. Yeah excellent styling, but they took the motion to far, the best shots are when she is simply walking. The exaggerated stances don’t really fit.  

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