Vivian Witjes by Nikolay Biryukov in "DNA" for Fashion Gone Rogue

DNANikolay Biryukov captures Vivian Witjes in looks from up and coming Russian designer Dina Sultanova’s fall 2013 collection for her label DNA. Sultanova styled the brunette in a range of sleek monochromatic looks inspired by minimalism in architecture and interior design. For beauty, hair and makeup artist Marina Keri keeps it simple with mussed tresses and shimmering eyelids.

Photographer: Nikolay Biryukov
Beauty: Marina Keri
Model: Vivian Witjes @ IMG London

4 Responses to “Vivian Witjes by Nikolay Biryukov in "DNA" for Fashion Gone Rogue”

  1. emollina Reply

    LOVELOVELOVE – always a fan of spot on minimal styling, tres chic! let the clothing shine!

  2. Mikael Wardhana Reply

    Vivian Witjes is a star. I’ve worked with her before and she was brilliant. I could see her go far.

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