Victoria Beckham On Harper’s Bazaar Singapore’s September 2013 Cover

victoria beckham bazaar singapore cover Victoria Beckham On Harpers Bazaar Singapores September 2013 Cover

Victoria’s Fashion Reign – Designer Victoria Beckham covers yet another fashion glossy with the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar Singapore. Earlier this year, Victoria appeared on Vogue’s Chinese and Australian editions. The image was photographed by Ellen von Unwerth and features the style icon wearing a fall Burberry look styled by Kenneth Goh. The new issue of Bazaar is out on August 16th in Singapore.

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  • Koko Loko

    Why is this woman still appearing on magazine covers? What does she do, exactly?

    • Koko whatever

      She magically makes people like you ask stupid questions.

      • proceed to the left

        she looks dated and this cover is just plain boring. By the way you don’t sound very smart either.

      • Koko Loko

        Aww, Cute! But if you’re not going to answer my question, its best you go play elsewhere, kid.

        • Adeola Naomi Aderemi

          She is a working mother of 4 that runs an empire very successfully and if that is not enough to celebrate, I don’t know what is.
          Women, should learn to appreciate each other and not bring ourselves down. Oh she is also a genuine fashion icon. I hope your question is answered.

          • Koko Loko

            Im not putting anyone down. My question was serious. She does not ‘run an empire’ – Her money does. Having kids doesn’t grant automatic respect and admiration. I guess I just dont see the appeal. Ive seen her many times in interviews and she seems like a mechanical girl who got lucky and then married a famous footballer. Magazines who put these people on their covers want to attract gossip loving soccer moms with money, and it works! People lap it up….

  • Thomas Stevens

    I really don’t get the massive dislikes she receives, at all times. I for one think this is a great shot of hers. A little iffy about the ‘almost thumb suck’ though.

  • lovelittlelulu

    perfect leather burberry dress!!

  • Joe Lupo/Jesse Garza

    Love! Get VB’s cover look with our picks: