Vera Farmiga by Eric Guillemain for Blackbook September 2011

Higher Ground – Photographer Eric Guillemain (2b Management) captures actress Vera Farmiga in these black and white portraits for the September issue of Blackbook Magazine. Vera discusses her upcoming directorial debut, Higher Ground, in the accompanying interview and exudes casual elegance in looks styled by Anna Bingemann. / Hair by Rebekah Forecast @ The Wallgroup, Make-up by Genevieve @ Sally Harlor, Manicurist by Julie Kandelac

7 Responses to “Vera Farmiga by Eric Guillemain for Blackbook September 2011”

  1. Just watched Up In The Air last week and she was fabulous in it! Hot and classy!

  2. I think her beauty translates much better on screen, rather than in photos. ┬áBut I guess that’s why she is an actress!

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