Valeriane Le Moi by Alvaro Beamud Cortes for Urban Magazine #100

Split Personalities – Photographed by Alvaro Beamud Cortes, Valeriane Le Moi is slinky and stylish in the latest Urban Magazine. Donning ultra modern looks styled by Ivan Bontchev, the brunette evokes individual characters in the autumn collections of Balmain, Prada, Yves Saint Laurent and others. With sea siren hair by Barbara Bertuzzi and understated makeup by Sissy Bellogio, Valeriane wows with a sleek, futuristic touch.

5 Responses to “Valeriane Le Moi by Alvaro Beamud Cortes for Urban Magazine #100”

  1. These looks are great, and i think the wet hair gives it more depth, allowing the hair to shine more. it matches the glossy charcoal eyes.

  2. the editor of these photographs put such a strange unnatural shadow on the left side of her face! yuck. other than that, nice photographs and a very beautiful girl. 

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