Tush #27 Cover | Melissa Tammerijn by Txema Yeste

Light Touch – Under the creative direction of Mirko Borsche, the new issue of Tush enlists Melissa Tammerijn for an ethereal cover shot lensed by Txema Yeste. The blonde beauty is also styled by Bernat Buscato on the cover.

4 Responses to “Tush #27 Cover | Melissa Tammerijn by Txema Yeste”

  1. Its a pretty cover and the type/photography is nice…but why on earth would they choose a photo of her winking? Did it not cross anyone’s mind that this is a clear signature of ID Magazine covers (for years). Rip off and not tasteful. For that I have to give it a thumbs down. 

  2. How did this magazine get its name?  I’ve always been curious. Is it named after someone’s behind? (I am being serious).

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