Truus Hooiveld by Thomas Krappitz for Marie Claire Italia March 2012

On the Riviera – Photographer Thomas Krappitz and stylist Monika Kropfitsch team up once again for an on-location shoot in Cote d’Azur for the March issue of Marie Claire Italia. Starring Truus Hooiveld in red and white ensembles, the picturesque setting of the French Riviera serves as the perfect backdrop to the dramatic story. Scarlet lips, mussed hair and body jewelry complete the stunning looks.

4 Responses to “Truus Hooiveld by Thomas Krappitz for Marie Claire Italia March 2012”

    • Dalton Louis photography Reply

       It looks like they went to the Riviera expecting beautiful sunny days and got thunder storms!  How they used the weather to their advantage is a testament to the crews skill.  The photos are amazing…

  1. The shot of her in the white dress with the wave crashing, breaks my heart, it’s beyond beautiful!  All the panoramic photos are breathtaking, as well as the black and white with the statue reflecting in the glass. I haven’t seen an editorial that has used a location quite so strikingly. The only photo I didn’t care for is the second to last, with the lip ornament, otherwise this is quite simply beautiful, dreamy, and romantic.

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