The second time’s a charm for photographer Arnaud Pyvka. Pyvka photographed Skye Stracke for a fantastic spread in March’s Marie Claire Italy, and has worked his magic once again in “Tracce Naturali”.

traccenaturalipreview Tripping

traccenaturali1 Tripping

traccenaturali2 Tripping

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traccenaturali4 Tripping

traccenaturali5 Tripping

traccenaturali6 Tripping

traccenaturali7 Tripping

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traccenaturali9 Tripping

Magazine: Marie Claire Italia (April 2009)
Editorial: Tracce Naturali
Photographer: Arnaud Pyvka
Model: Skye Stracke

source | Diciassette (17) @ tfs