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Tommy Hilfiger Fall/Winter 2014 | New York Fashion Week

Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2014–Let there be snow seemed to be the theme of Tommy Hilfiger’s fall-winter 2014 collection. The king of prep delivered all the fashionable essentials for a snow-filled outing whether on the slopes or walking the city with a mix of satchels, colorful beanies and snow goggles. The runway show’s backdrop was the perfect complement featuring a snow-filled chalet setting of trees, winding roads and skis. Skirts were kept short while pants came in the form of patchwork style denim for an almost rustic vibe. Outerwear focused on plaid prints as well as bomber jackets and puffy parkas. Hilfiger closed on a feminine note with maxi dresses featuring frayed fringe finishes almost like a blanket worn on a cold winter’s night.

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