Thairine Garcia by Zee Nunes for Marie Claire Brazil

Hot & Cold – Thairine Garcia is a mix of alluring vixen and stern beauty for Zee Nunes’ latest work in the December edition of Marie Claire Brazil. Outfitted by Pedro Sales, Thairine wears a wardrobe of slinky dresses and belts from labels such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Lanvin in the shadowy images.

13 Responses to “Thairine Garcia by Zee Nunes for Marie Claire Brazil”

      • it’s not wrong. she loves modelling, it’s natural to her. i have worked with her personally and the environment of the shoots are really healthy for a 14 year old girl.

  1. Such a beautiful girl, hopefully will grow her eyebrows in… The posing is not my favorite, her chin is much too high in some of the photos

  2. I like it, I don’t think the retouching is excessive and builds well with the story, I don’t like the eye browns at all, just because it kinds breaks out of the concept. However the lighting and the whole thing is simple and very well done. 

  3. Rafazildo Reply

    She is a Brazilian Bomb! Shes beautiful, love modeling, and have a strong personality! A future Super Model!

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