• http://skinnygeeky.blogspot.com arkasha

    me too. she's not pretty at all.

  • Cait

    pshht. I like her. She's different.

  • http://backlessdress.blogspot.com Backless

    I don't think shes boring at all she is exotic with an unforgetable face and natural poise.

  • pamela

    I think she looks like a chipmunk… with her chipmunky teeth, but her body is awesome.

  • VV Devaroix

    I hate her…..

  • kittycat

    she's boring. i'd seen much more interesting looking model. its not about pretty or not. its just that her face is boring..

  • http://coolnose.blogspot.com/ Noir

    She is not boring , the problem is the cover photo, the styling, everything, ughh :S

  • tay

    i like karlie! she has a unique look!