Tatiana by Oli McAvoy for Fashion Gone Rogue

From Darkness – Inspired by the post-war depression era, British photographer Oli McAvoy delivers a beautifully somber story for FGR’s latest exclusive. Styled by Soukena Roussi, model Tatiana dons a mixture of heavy knits and casual denim from the likes of Calvin Klein, Topshop and H&M. The vintage look is completed with loose curls by Marisa Bollman and gritty makeup by Laura Stiassni.

7 Responses to “Tatiana by Oli McAvoy for Fashion Gone Rogue”

  1. Wonderful balance of a rugged outdoorswoman look while still
    looking great as a model.   Not too fake, not too real.  Just right.

  2. Fashion really is a lot of different things. this model here is strikingly beautiful. the clothes they’re wearing are rouge and yet they still manage to look sophisticated. This is vintage! 

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