viktor & rolf

viktor rolf fall winter 2014 show25 Viktor & Rolf Fall/Winter 2014 | Paris Fashion Week

Viktor & Rolf Fall 2014–While last season was an ode to the uniform, Viktor & Rolf found inspiration in a grey V-neck sweater for their fall-winter 2014 collection. The color palette was quite muted as the entire showing featured shades of grey which were later enriched with the juxtaposition of light blue and coral tones. Surprisingly, the sweater takes many forms. From an elongated wool dress with an uneven hemline to moto cross inspired sweaters featuring bold, graphic patterns. Viktor & Rolf add some more glamorous elements in the form of crystal embroidered details, sheer sleeves and velvet separates such as the finale look modeled by Liu Wen.

viktor rolf retrospective1 Viktor & Rolf Revisit Their Greatest Hits for Vogue Netherlands by Philip Riches

Viktor & Rolf’s Greatest Hits – Dutch designers Viktor & Rolf celebrate twenty years for the November issue of Vogue Netherlands. The design pair has had some memorable collections over the last two decades where they brought their own avant-garde twist. Philip Riches captures Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren with printed images from memorable collections including their “No” fall 2008 season, the cutout tulle gowns from spring 2010 and their pillow dresses from fall 2005.

viktor rolf spring 2014 4 Viktor & Rolf Spring/Summer 2014 | Paris Fashion Week

Viktor & Rolf’s School DaysViktor & Rolf go back to school with the Dutch design duo’s spring 2014 collection shown during the fifth day of Paris Fashion Week. The pair deconstructed schoolgirl uniform staples such as the blazer, pleated plaid skirt and button-up shirt. The result was a play on proportions and shape which was far from girly and more grownup. Tops or jackets were decorated with insignias, sometimes quite literal and other times more abstract with geometric shapes. Skirts also riffed off the classic uniform, but were transformed with multiple layers or voluminous pleats. Long waistcoats and high necklines also gave the spring outing an almost boyish undertone.

viktor rolf wedding collection1 Viktor & Rolf Wedding Collection

The New Bridal – Dutch avant-garde design duo Viktor & Rolf sets their sights on wedding apparel with a six piece capsule collection of wedding dresses. The pair goes for a color palette of all traditional white, but works in some adventurous looks such as a shirt dress made of silk crepe de chine and a fitted jumpsuit. A short look is perfect for a beach wedding while a gown with ruffled layers seems more appropriate for a grand event. / Model – Magdalena Jasek

viktor rolf Viktor & Rolf Fall 2012 | Paris Fashion Week

Viktor & Rolf’s Furry Things – For fall 2012, Viktor & Rolf designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren presented a darkly romantic collection of retro inspired garments set against a backdrop of moonlight and shadows. Opening with an array of slinky pajama style pants and bottoms; the pieces were embellished with fur sleeves. In fact, fur was a major part of the autumn collection with lush shaggy coats, fur-adorned lingerie and shoes. A dark color palette of black, ash grey and chocolate set the stage for sensuous silhouettes paired with thigh high stockings. The showing ended on a romantic note, showcasing a pair of stunning ruffle-adorned gowns.

viktor rolf Viktor & Rolf Spring 2012 | Paris Fashion Week

Viktor & Rolf’s Spring Playtime – Known for their avant-garde aesthetic, Viktor & Rolf sent a parade of dolls down the runway for their spring 2012 collection. With big, visible stitching, dramatic ruffles and bows, the designer duo offered up youthful feminine fashion with their own couture touch. Gowns were wide and sweeping, adding lace, mesh and silk to an already powerful showing.

viktorrolffall Viktor & Rolf Fall 2011 | Paris Fashion Week

For their fall 2011 collection, Viktor & Rolf looked towards the medieval age for inspiration. Models walked down the runway with red faces, the designer duo’s signature avant garde shapes with armor-like pleats and large flower motifs which served as a sort of coat of arms. Ending with a parade of metallic dresses, Viktor & Rolf’s finale ended in the Silver Age and was overall a strong showing for the Dutch pair.

viktorrolfspring Viktor & Rolf Spring 2011 | Paris Fashion Week

Moving away from last season’s dark outing for a remix of a classic staple–the oversize mens shirt–Viktor & Rolf continued to play with volume and proportion for their spring 2011 collection. From pinstripes to animal print accents, the designer duo presented a grand show which culminated in a finale dress that can only be described as a work of art.