vera wang

verawangfall Vera Wang Fall 2011 | New York Fashion Week

Vera Wang layered heavy jackets with airy pleated chiffon dresses for her fall 2011 showing. Featuring a color scheme of mostly muted neutral hues, the sheer theme repeated itself throughout the entire presentation with experimentation being found in length and proportion. There was also a certain rock and roll undertone to the show as the models donned leather gloves and boots, bringing an undeniable edge to the feminine garments.

verawangspring Vera Wang Spring 2011 | New York Fashion Week

It’s a story of opposites for Vera Wang’s spring 2011 line. Soft hair and fabrics juxtapose with leather boots and sleek silhouettes for a collection of contemporary looks inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill”. With hints of Japanese kimonos and prints, it is the subtle fusion of Eastern and Western fashion that makes Wang’s designs stay away from costume territory and deliver yet another successful season.