Paolo Roversi

showandtellpreview Show and Tell

I have to admit, I am feeling a little conflicted over Vogue UK‘s “Show and Tell”. I usually love the teaming up of Guinevere and Paolo Roversi, but the styling here is hit and miss for me. The red ensemble which Guinevere wears is unflattering in almost every form possible. Yet on the other hand, you have stunning close-up shots that prove Roversi’s pure artistry.

Wendy Bevan’s clients range from i-D, Vogue Russia, 10 and most recently Muse. Her style reminds me of Paolo Roversi’s, who also is known for his use of polaroid film. This ed which features Masha Novoselova, is a shining example of her work.

mashamuse A Traditional Woman

Numero‘s 100th issue features ‘The Kid’, by Paolo Roversi. Roversi is known for his 19th century style portraits, and I have to say that I am a bit surprised to see he shot this. It’s not something I would expect from him seeing as the colors are brighter and bolder than his usual work. However, it’s always interesting to see photographers do different things and I find myself impressed by this.

thekidpreview The Kid