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Regina Feoktistova by Terry Tsilois in The Clash | Muse Spring 2010

Stylist Melanie Huynh pieces together a military-inspired wardrobe consisting of lace up boots, army green jackets and a hint of feminine allure for her latest work in Muse spring. Photographed by Terry Tsilois and starring…

Memories of Green | Eniko Mihalik by Greg Kadel

Photographer Greg Kadel finds inspiration in the grittiness of industrial life for his latest work published in Muse‘s spring edition. Starring Eniko Mihalik in futuristic looks styled by Brian Molloy, Memories of Green, pairs urban…

Covered | Natasha for Muse and Karolin, Katrin & Luca for Tush

1) Natasha Poly for the “Natasha Obsessed” issue of Muse magazine, photo by Riccardo Tisci 2) Karolin Wolter, Luca Gadjus and Katrin Thormann for Tush #17, photos by Armin Morbach

Lonely Spirits

Ben Hassett’s ‘Lonely Spirits’ ed from the most recent issue of Muse is absolutely heartbreaking. Each shot captivates your attention.