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Fresh Face | Alica Kalk by Mathieu Vladimir Alliard

A Unique Perspective – German new face Alica Kalk (Oui Management) poses for Mathieu Vladimir Alliard’s lens in these recent black and white portraits. Alica’s pouty lips and striking blue eyes make her one of…

Fresh Face | Olga by Mathieu Vladimir Alliard

From Russia with Love – Russian new face Olga (Oui Management) poses for Mathieu Vladimir Alliard in a striking image series highlighting her baby blues.

Fresh Face | Amanda Moreno by Mathieu Vladimir Alliard

Introducing Amanda – Spanish new face, Amanda Moreno (Marilyn Paris), shows off her potential in these hauntingly beautiful black and white images photographed by Mathieu Vladimir Alliard.

Portrait | Lucie von Alten by Mathieu Vladimir Alliard

Lucie in the Sky – Recently placed with IMG Paris, blonde beauty Lucie von Alten shows off her moody side in Mathieu Vladimir Alliard’s black and white portraits. / Makeup and hair by Bea Heni

Fresh Face | Natasha Markova by Mathieu Vladimir Alliard

Rebel Squeeze – Fresh face Natasha Markova (New Madison) shows off her rebellious side with Mathieu Vladimir Alliard’s gritty black and white images. Natasha wears a wardrobe of leather and denim styled by Pau Trujillo…