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Masha Novoselova is Rock n Roll Glam for Elle Norway by Asa Tallgard

Romantic Rock—For the May cover story of Elle Norway, model Masha Novoselova shows off her rock and roll side in a photo shoot lensed by Asa Tallgard. The blonde beauty takes on designs from the…


Honer Akrawi Captures Masha Novoselova for Latest Eurowoman

La Bohème – Russian fashion model Masha Novoselova poses for photographer Honer Akrawi in the latest issue of Eurowoman. Donning a wardrobe full of designer labels including Gucci, Ralph Lauren Black Label, Paul & Joe…


Masha Novoselova Poses for Naomi Yang in French Revue de Modes #22

Wild Chic – Masha Novoselova hits the studio in these dynamic shots photographed by Naomi Yang for the spring-summer edition of French Revue de Modes. Posing in black and white, the model wears a sleek…


SuiteBlanco Taps Masha Novoselova for its Early Spring 2013 Campaign

Before the Spring – Masha Novoselova stars in SuiteBlanco’s early spring campaign for the new year featuring stylish basics. Rooted in outerwear, the new season uses earthy colors as well as folk inspired prints for…


Masha Novoselova Shines in SuiteBlanco’s Night 2012 Campaign

Nighttiming – Masha Novoselova dons Spanish label Blanco’s Night collection in a new campaign, showcasing evening wear and party-ready looks. Surrounded by a group of handsome boys, Masha is the star of the show clad…

Morning Beauty | Masha Novoselova by Camilla Akrans

Masha Novoselova photographed by Camilla Akrans and styled by Melanie Ward

Morning Beauty | Masha Novoselova by James Macari

Masha Novoselova photographed by James Macari and styled by Marina Gallo

Masha Novoselova by Peter Gehrke for Calliope Spring 2011 Campaign

Masha Novoselova ventures outdoors for a warm change of pace with Calliope’s spring 2011 campaign. Joining male model Tobias Sørensen, Masha shines in front of Peter Gehrke’s lens in the laid-back images.

Masha Novoselova by Koray Birand for Sarar Fall 2010 Campaign

Photographed by Koray Birand, Masha Novoselova is all elegant seduction for the fall campaign from Turkish label, Sarar. Donning a wardrobe of gloves, autumn jackets and tailored pants, Masha shines in the sophisticated advertisements.

Photo of the Day | In the Shadows

Masha Novoselova by Miguel Reveriego