Hailey Clauson

hugh Melodie Monrose, Hailey Clauson & Others by Hugh Lippe for <em>Dazed & Confused</em> December 2010

Hugh Lippe captures some of the most fresh and exciting new faces for Dazed & Confused’s Inside Out. Styled by Karen Langley in deconstructed looks, Melodie Monrose, Hailey Clauson, Hanne Bruning, Basia Szkaluba, Iris Egbers, Kat Hessen, Laura Liriano and Simone Carvalho take on the designs of Gucci, Prada, Frankie Morello and more in the captivating portraits.

jason parry You Aint Got Nothing But Nothing to Lose | Hailey Clauson by Jason Lee Parry

With the summer quickly approaching, there is a sense of free-spiritedness that seems to be permeating in the air. For his latest work shot in Los Angeles, California, photographer Jason Lee Parry manages to capture that sense of abandon with model Hailey Clauson as the centerpiece. Styled by Stephanie Mojonnet and Tara Nichols in everything from ripped Levi’s to leather, Hailey easily slips into the role of a motorcycle riding, skateboarding tomboy.