Gabby Dover

gabby dover1 Gabby Dover Gets Painted for Black Magazine by Thom Kerr

Reasons to Be BeautifulGabby Dover may look like she has intense tattoo sleeves in her latest Black Magazine shoot, but it’s actually the result of 9 hours of hand-painted work. The new face poses for Thom Kerr in studio images featuring luxe fall fashions. Stylist Sarah Birchley dresses the brunette in designs from labels such as Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu and Saint Laurent. Becca Gilmartin created the shoot’s colorful body art while Amber D. worked on Gabby’s beauty looks.

UO early fall4 Urban Outfitters Goes to Paris Countryside for Early Fall Catalog

Early Fall – The early fall lookbook from Urban Outfitters heads to Paris’ countryside and city streets with these dreamy images shot by Lina Scheynius. Models Gabby Dover, Moa Aberg, Magda Laguinge and Nadine Loepold are the very picture of laid-back elegance in an outing of printed trousers, casual denim and crop tops styled by Trudy Nelson. The girls get accessorized with retro-inspired frames and ankle booties.