Camilla Akrans

prints7 th Edita Vilkeviciute in Harper's Bazaar US August

Camilla Akrans is a photographer known for the use of architecture in her work, often throwing designer looks against the stark background of a building or two. “Mixed Prints” from Harper’s Bazaar August is no exception to the rule. Starring one of her model muses, Edita Vilkeviciute, “Prints” impresses with its stunning imagery and equally stunning designs.

shalomnippreview This Side of Hollywood featuring Shalom Harlow

Vogue Nippon brings a little California dreaming to its July issue with Camilla Akrans’ “This Side of Hollywood”. Starring the ever stunning Shalom Harlow, all the luxuriousness that you come to expect from Akrans is present here. Stylist Sissy Vian’s aesthetic weaves into this posh setting perfectly by showcasing Balenciaga and Chloé designs.

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