judith bedard Judith Bedard by Takuya Uchiyama for <em>Vogue Nippon</em> Beauty

Over the last few days we have seen our fair share of redheads at Fashion Gone Rogue. From Karen Elson to Nataliya Piro, these auburn ladies are quite a sight. Added to that list, is model Judith Bedard with her most recent work for a beauty supplement found in April’s Vogue Nippon. Captured by Takuya Uchiyama, Judith is prepared for battle with sharpened nails and warrior makeup.

madame Anastasia & Benedicte by Thomas Rusch for <em>Madame Germany</em> May 2010

Forgetting their troubles, Anastasia Gorron and Benedicte de Barrochez retreat to the pool for a Sabine Maeulen styled swimsuit story in the latest edition of Madame Germany. Somewhere in between serene thoughts and moments of unconciousnous, Anastasia and Benedicte are photographed by Thomas Rusch, who manages to hone in on an intimate beauty submerged in a world of water.