herieth arise5 Herieth Paul is a Nighttime Beauty for Arise #18

Sex Drive – Sporting metallic tops and show-stopping accessories, Herieth Paul has a need for speed in the latest issue of Arise Magazine. Photographed by John-Paul Pietrus with styling by Sabrina Henry, the Tanzanian beauty takes a nighttime joy ride in a classic muscle car while sporting the designs of Matthew Williamson, Viktor & Rolf, Sportmax and Rochas amongst others in the high gloss images. / Makeup by Adam de Cruz, Hair by Teiji

beauty Chrishell Stubbs by Willem Jaspert for <em>Arise</em> #12

Block Party – This season color blocking is no doubt a major trend, but the latest issue of Arise manages to transfer the clothing trend from clothing to makeup with Willem Jaspert’s stunning studio shots. Featuring Chrishell Stubs in vibrant hues from makeup artist Mel Arter and elegant updos by hairstylists Carl Campbell and Nuno Domingues, color blocking has never looked better.