Alexander McQueen

amq ciss13 01 A 1920x1080 Raquel Zimmermann Gets Honey Dipped for Alexander McQueens Spring 2013 Campaign by David Sims
Sweet Like Honey – Inspired by the runway show’s bee-keeper and honey theme, Raquel Zimmermann gets poured with honey for the spring 2013 campaign from Alexander McQueen. British photographer David Sims lenses the Brazilian model in stark, studio images showcasing the sculpted and structured shapes of the season.

alexander mcqueen6 Suvi Koponen is Extraterrestrial for Alexander McQueens Fall 2012 Campaign by David Sims

Space TravelerSuvi Koponen fronts the fall 2012 campaign from Alexander McQueen looking like a traveler from another dimension in David Sim’s striking studio images. Styled after the runway show, Suvi sports a platinum blonde coif and voluminous, mushroom shapes in pastel hues. Topped off with sci-fi style visors, the extraterrestrial beauty explores her surroundings with a futuristic elegance.