Tabea Koebach by Seiji Fujimori for The Ground #2

The Throne – The second issue of The Ground Magazine (formerly known as Virgine Magazine), offers up a story of conflict and romance with Seiji Fujimori’s high gloss images. Tabea Koebach poses alongside male models Clark Cord Alex Verga, Justin Hileman, Mark Moore, Mike Keute, Ryan Matthews, Jacob Neely and Peter Gregory while donning spring looks from labels such as Versace, Gucci, Etro and Maison Martin Margiela styled by Christopher Campbell. The struggle for power ends with an unseen twist. / Hair by Thanos Samaras @ l’atelier, Makeup by Carolina Dali

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    • ThisIsMyFace Reply

      I agree.  I think each shot is telling a really specific story, but I can’t put the story together completely.  Normally, I don’t mind the ambiguity, but since it feels almost illustrative of a narrative, it’s confusing. 

      Still, I love the images.

  1.  one of the year’s best, The composition, concept,styling, modelling..everything’s just perfect!

  2. This isn’t the entire editorial. There are other photos as well, not posted here.

  3. [email protected] Reply

    Whoever said the story isn’t consistent is Stoooooopid. Go back to looking at Ed’s without a story at all- 90% of them.

    This is awesome work.

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